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they had built of logs against the two sides of a
rock-bound gulch. From the entrance of this
corral they had built two long fences, forming a
runway, which gradually widened as it left the
gate of the corral. This funnel-shaped entrance
fanned out Into the plateau for more than a half-
mile, and It was covered over with evergreens to
disguise Its artificiality. It was a replica of the
old buffalo corral which we used to build to round
up the buffaloes when they were plentiful on the

The mouth at the outer end of this runway was
about one hundred yards wide. From this point
on5 the runway was further extended and opened
up by placing big tree-tops, stones and logs along
the ground for several hundred yards* This
was to direct the herd slowly into the mouth of
the fenced part of the runway, where, once
wedged Inside> they could neither get out nor
turn around and retrace their steps* They would
be trapped; and the only thing left for them to
do would be to keep on going toward the corral

Subdued excitement reigned in our hidden
camp on this tenth night of our chase; for It was
the big night, the night that we were going to
'blow In5 the great,, stubborn herd of wild horses.
No one went to bed that night. Shortly before
nightfall more than half of our braves., comprising